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Makeup Tips for Business Portraits

Ladies, there are two ways of handling your hair and make-up for your business portraits:

Either you have your hair and make-up profesionnaly done eg by my experienced hair and make-up artist or you arrive with your makeup and hair ready to go how you normally wear it.

Here are some helpful tips for a great makeup look for lifestyle portraits.

  • Liquid foundation always looks better than powder

  • Go easy on the blush/bronzer

  • Keep eyes looking defined but natural

  • Soft blended eyeliner

  • No hard-edge liquid eyeliner

  • Neutral color eyeshadow is usually best

  • No smoky eyes

  • No false eyelashes - unless you are use to wearing them and you know how to correctly apply them

  • Wear mascara and curl your lashes

  • No visible hard-edge lip liner

  • Keep the lip color close to your natural lip color or one shade darker and GLOSSY - no matte lipstick

For hair, style it how you would normally do it on a good hair day. Hairstyles are extremely personal and you know how you like to wear it best. You want to look like YOU in your business portraits and hair is big part of that.

If you need a haircut, I encourage you to get one before your session but not the day before. At least two or three days prior. If you color your hair and need to touch up your roots, I encourage you to do so as well.

If you have long hair, especially thick, heavy long hair, you might consider putting it up in a ponytail or bun for your headshot. Hair up usually draws even more emphasis to the face which is great for portraits. If you want to stop by your usual hair salon and have your hair blown-out or styled on your way to the session that is always a great decision.


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