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Look Your Best in Photos - part 1

I am so glad that you are taking the time to get over any fears or hangs-ups you may have over stepping in front of the camera. Cause I know that nearly everyone, and I mean EVERYONE I photograph tells me how uncomfortable they feel in front of the camera, Have you ever considered you can look good in front of the camera, but just never have known or been taught how?

Well, I am here to tell you, you can look great, you can be confident and you can actually like the images of you that comes out of your DSL or smart phone.

I will publish 10 simple pro-tips within the next days.

Perfect light

Lighting is the main ingredient to all great photography, especially for women. If you get caught in crappy lighting all the stuff you don't want to see will surely come up! A simple tip is to always try to make sure that you are facing the main light source. Look for windows, brighter spots in the room, the sun or if all that fails stick on the flash. Because even if you are standing in front of the best sunset, if you want to look great, you need to turn around and face the setting sun, so that the gorgeous soft setting sun light is washing your face with even light, putting a sparkle in your eyes and adding a glow to your skin. Of course if it is the middle of the day, the sun will not be your friend, so try and get into a shaded area, but still make sure you are facing into wherever the strongest source of light is coming from. Styling, Hair and Makeup by Sabine Overbeck


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